Why PGB bags are the best

All my bags are made by hand, without the use of machines. They are made of natural materials. Each piece is a unique original.


Each detail of PGB bag is carefully and hard handmade. Special one. Like You.

Nature friendly

PGB bags are made of natural materials. Natural leather processed without chemistry. Only water- and resin-based dyes. Sewing with flax wire.


Each bag is unique in its lifetime. The durability of PGB bags is unsurpassed. Buying onse, having forever.

Who I am?

I was a normal guy. Until 2014. That’s when I suddenly took over at the hospital. I had half my body paralyzed. I couldn’t walk, I couldn’t talk, I didn’t know the people around me. They told me I had overcome a stroke.

How did I get into the leathercraft?

I started training. Speech, walking. And finally fine motor skills. That’s how I got into the craft.

I stayed in the leather craft until today. You can also buy my bags, I will be very happy for that.

Nice to meet you, I am Paul Gregor Biely.

Bags available

Currently available bags.


Roses that never wither

Woman’s wallet

Typical women’s wallet. Handmade.


Man’s bag

Diary A5

Leather diary A5

Tyrol bag II

Handmade leather bag with Tyrol flower.

Rose handbag

Handmade leather handbag.

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How i do it: wellcome to my workshop

Men’s bag

This small man’s bag is ideal for a glasses, phone, wallet and keys. Everything you need.

Bag for a DJI OM4

Would you watch a video, how I made a special leather bag for my OM4? Please, support me and my video-creation. Thank you very much. I will upload the video soon.

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